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"Recently I've been reading about nerds. One of the sources that I read suggested that nerds join two kinds of mental inflexibility: a love of categories, and a reluctance to learn new things (usually disguised by a superficial claim that they love learning new things). This means that nerds establish a rigid set of ideas and then incorporate all new information into this set of ideas, rather than realizing that in some cases they will need to accept genuinely new things, which will require the creation of new categories.

Durkheim and Mauss identified a need to establish categories as one of the fundamentals of human thought in their Primitive Classification. They tracked the creation and management of totems among Australian aboriginals (kind of like Shooey! but with a more varied diet) and showed how dividing the world into a complex, often overlapping set of categories (which sometimes included opposing ideas, as later elaborated by Levi-Strauss and then exaggerated into parody by the dumber structuralists) produced meaning and made human experience intelligible.

The iGents take this mania for classification down a very stupid road, of course. First, they get bad information from people like Cuff Daddy and Manton (or, god forbid, Andy himself). This leads to them making malformed classifications (as in, pants must have a three inch cuff to be "gentlemanly"); then they attempt to apply these classifications to all sartorial decisions.

This is a way of renouncing responsibility for having taste or being able to understand what clothing actually looks like. It allows an effete, often silly system of classification to stand in for aesthetics. This is why you see the iGents asking, over and over, whether insignificant details of dress are "correct," rather than asking the more immediate question of whether or not they look good. And as above, this generates discussions in which they talk about a suit mechanically, in terms of mutually exclusive classifications (formal/informal) rather than aesthetics, as in, why the fuck would you pair a vest with a one-button suit jacket in the first place?

Perhaps a very snappy dresser could elaborate this look and make sure that it was flattering, but a person like that wouldn't be asking The Great Twizz for permission to do so, or tossing and turning in his bed, wondering if he should call Joe Hemrajani and tell him to cut the pockets at a slant. The classificatory mania quite obviously corresponds to the other overriding iGent nerdly neuroses - the class striving, the desire to "beat" other people at the clothes game, the needless obsession over small details (which is of course raised to a virtue in the forums discourse), the compulsive need to be different but still correct and conservative, the connections drawn repeatedly between clothes and lifestyle, or clothes and personal qualities, and so on.

What I'm saying is, NEEEEEEEEEERDS!!"

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Haha - paljon mahdollista.

Kertoo Ivy Style -blogin / Chensvodin uskottavuudesta kaiken, että se näätä oli tuota hehkuttamassa saman tien. Kenen leipää syöt sen lauluja laulat..

This is why I fucking hate career bloggers

Edit: jos ton mainoskuvan speden setistä löytäis eden yhden ivy-elementin.. Tuossa on kaikki väärin. Runkkari.
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No tietty toi solmuke.

Hae mullae boom yeras kuva, jossa jollain uskottavan oloisella kaverilla on rusetti. pappaikäisiä proffia ja pellen näköisiä nörttejä ei lasketa.

do not mix ivy with preppy.
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