Kuten tiedämme, OiPolloi - tuo Manchesterin Helmi - tarjoaa kovan luokan rättien ja lumppujen ja erinomaisen palvelun ohella myös hetken parhaat(mainos)tekstit. Alöle olen pikaotannalla kerännyt muutamia kovimpia.

OiPolloi vs. Barbour Beaufort
The Beaufort Jacket from Barbour is perhaps the ultimate in poacher-chic, perfect for, “Flying into Alaska when the Coho are running, or feeding a holidaying friend’s hounds,” according to Barbour. But for the unlucky lot who can’t make it to Alaska this year, the Beaufort is also perfect for flying around the ring-road or feeding a holidaying friend’s goldfish.

Parisuhdeneuvontaa Massimo Ostin tapaan
Going through a hard time with the wife? Barely talking at the dinner table? Sleeping on the sofa? Well, we’re sorry to say things aren’t going to get better anytime soon. We’ve just taken stock of some new jackets from Stone Island, and if you’re anything like us, one look at them will have you marching to the pawn shop with your arms full of household goods, priceless sentimental items and wedding rings in order to fund one.
But seriously, if you are going through a rough patch with your significant other, buying a fancy Italian jacket isn’t the answer. It will look pretty good though.

Carhartt Military Shirt
The Military Shirt from Carhartt isn’t called the military shirt for nothing. Not only is it a classic olive drab tone, but it’s also got those epaulette shoulder strap things. Back in the olden days before binoculars and all that it was hard to tell whose side soldiers were on, so the French army came up with the ingenious idea of wearing bright fringes attached to their shoulders with a button down strap. Over time these got phased out as anyone wearing them was picked off by a sniper, but the shoulder straps have remained. So there you have it — if you’re dying to fit some frills to your shoulders and then got shot at by a sniper, this is the shirt for you...

Kun tulee vastaan pistän / pistäkää lisää.

Tää on vitun hyvää proosaa kaikilla mittareilla.
Clarks Originals / Natalie (Chestnut Leather)


Most people remember Natalie Imbruglia for her hit single, ‘Torn’, or her time on Neighbours, but not many people know of her footwear design years. The Clarks Originals Natalie was designed by Ms Imbruglia in the mid ‘90s and features a moccasin construction not too dissimilar to the classic Wallabee, with an interesting wrap-around crepe sole.

P.S Part of this description might be slightly fabricated.

http://www.oipolloi.com/clarks-original ... ut-leather
uros kirjoitti:
oktopus kirjoitti:Pari sivua taakse päin käsitellyt Ten c:t kuumottelee, mutta vaativat kyllä aika raskaita investointeja. Nauroin Oi Polloin esittelytekstille, erityisesti tälle:

Whilst the price may seem a bit out-of-reach for most of us, this isn’t flash-in-the-pan fad-fashion. And when, many years from now, you’re watching attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion or c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, you’ll think, “Thank god I bought this Ten c jacket from Oi Polloi.”

Timanttia, helmiä, kaikkee sellaista, ja lisäksi täyttä rautaa.
The Quarter Button Sweat is a trouser slappingly good bit of advanced sweatwear from Stone Island. A bit more substantial than your normal sweatshirt, it’s made from heavyweight fleeceback jersey fabric that’s comfortable, warm and most importantly, proper slick. It’s also got a nifty collar featuring what might just be the best press studs we’ve ever seen. Like all the best Stone Island stuff, there’s a slight sci-fi military feel with this, and we’d like to think this is what Grand Moff Tarkin wears when he’s going for a quick jog around the Death Star.
Ja taas mennään.

Often cited as Steve Mcqueen’s chukka boots of choice, the Joel Chukka Boots from Sanders are more classic than a bank holiday monday watching The Great Escape. Still made in England with high-grade suede and a whole-load of crepe, these are boots of the highest order. To complete the look, wear the Sanders Joel Chukka Boots with Persol sunglasses whilst you’re hoofing it down the hills of San Francisco in that ‘68 Ford Mustang you’ve always wanted.
the_graduate kirjoitti:Like all the best Stone Island stuff, there’s a slight sci-fi military feel with this, and we’d like to think this is what Grand Moff Tarkin wears when he’s going for a quick jog around the Death Star.

Oi Polloi selventää että mistä "premium leatherissä" on kyse:
The Golden Bear All Leather Baseball Jacket is a classic baseball jacket which according to the label is made from “100% cow.” But don’t expect to be finding chunks of hoof in your pockets and eyelids on the collar — this is the sort of leather that deserves the much-coveted title of ‘premium leather’. Fully lined with two slanted front pockets and an inside pocket, this is one fine hunk of cow-hide. Whether you’re the finest batsman since Putsy Caballero or you don’t know your home-runs from your leather-clad elbow, the Leather Varsity Jacket is a gem of a jacket that should keep you shielded from the elements with a bit of style.
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