We don’t really need to write much about Barbour… but we’re going to anyway. Founded in South Shields over three thousand years ago, they make wearable waxed wonders to withstand even the worst of weather.

Their Bedale and Beaufort jackets are bonafide classics, their holdalls last for ages and their hats are loved by gamekeepers the world over.
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For hundreds of years, chin-stroking scholarly types have mulled over the meaning of that old time folk toe-tapper known as Greensleeves. Some reckon Henry VIII wrote it in a rare bout of poetic whimsy, some think it’s a sorrowful lament for lost love and some think it’s about nature and plants and things like that.

So what is Greensleeves really about? Well, the clue is in the name — it’s about this man here and his green sleeves. Simple really.

Similarly, I am the Walrus was actually about how John Lennon was actually a large marine mammal all along.

Greensleeves is 5'10" and wears...
..ja taas mennään. Erittäin kova tällä kertaa.

Dear Mum,

Things are going great on the International Space Station. Not only are our experiments going really well, but we’ve got lots of free time too. I’ve been getting really good at counting — my current record is 456734560545, but I reckon I can beat it next week. One of the lads from the States brought his Gameboy, so that was a laugh. His batteries ran out after a few days, so we’ve just been imagining that we’re playing Zelda. We’ve nearly completed it.

Should be back home in about three years — if you save me some dinner I can reheat it when I get back.

Astro-Guy is 5'10" and wears...

There are loads of outstanding things about Jamieson’s brushed wool jumpers — here are a few of them…

They’re softer than a bucket of baby rabbits.

They’re made out of real Scottish wool on a real Scottish island by real Scottish people.

They come in loads of colours — some of these colours have fancy names like Scotch Broom and Wild Violet.

They look like what troubled 60s folk singers might wear after relocating to a remote cottage to avoid being hassled by the press and focus on writing songs about horses and the sky.

They’re dead warm. ... es#product

No nyt

- 100% linen
- Deadstock vintage fabric
- Made in Ancient Egypt

Here we’ve got some Vintage Egyptian Mummy Bandages. Made in Egypt from some crisp and cool linen, these are just the things for preserving deceased loved-ones or your neighbours cat. Pair with a massive ornate gold mask and a fancy, hand-carved scepter for the ultimate King Ramesess II look.
Our Legacyn aika kornit värisävyjen nimet saavat ansaittua huomiota.

The Puffed Parka from Our Legacy is a big, comfortable slab of cotton and polyamide filled to the brim with polyester insulation. It’s got a certain Inuit ice fishing vibe to it, but because it’s not made out of seal-skin, it may also be worn in civilian areas without fear of attracting the attention of animal rights activists. Feature-wise, the pockets on the front are really big, it’s got a padded hood and it comes in an invigorating shade of beige called ‘Nicotine Tech’. Welcome to flavour country.

The Our Legacy 50’s Great Sweater is indeed a great sweater. It’s made from some really nice and light loopback jersey stuff that feels ace, and everything about it is just how you’d want a sweatshirt to be. This one here has been ‘reactive dyed’ to give it that classic ‘been sat next to my aunty on Boxing Day whilst she smokes a full pack of Benson and Hedges’ look. Tasty.

Our Legacy have really gone to town on this here Shawl Zip Shirt — not only does it have a non-standard collar, and not only does it a zip that only goes down half-way instead of buttons, but get a load of that fabric. A tough and sturdy cotton twill made from genuine Swedish mud.

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule II

If you’re looking for toxic green down-slippers, then you’ve most definitely arrived on the right web-page. You’re looking at the North Face Thermoball Traction Mule II slippers, and they’re everything your feet could ever wish for. They look mental, they’re dead comfortable, and they also double up as sleeping bags for outdoorsy guinea pigs. Perfect!

päheet ... 16#product
DLA kirjoitti:^ jos nuo kiinnostaa, ni näytti saavan XXL:stä nyt eri kuoseja hintaan 9,90.

Ainakin verkkosivuilla on vain Tent Mule III, joka on melkoisesti ankeamman näköinen. Eipä sillä, että noita esiintymiskäyttöön hommaisi.
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