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We talked to two of the Lo-Lifes—one of whom likes Ralph Lauren so much he raps under the name Meyhem Lauren—to learn what it was like to rock and rack Lo.

What about really rare pieces? Were there certain ones that you couldn’t find anywhere?
There are pieces that are like, mythological.
Meyhem: The Never-Ending Bear.

The Never-Ending Bear?
Well, supposedly there’s a knit out there with a bear rockin’ a knit with himself on it, and he’s rocking a bear, and it just goes on and on forever [laughs]. Guys will swear they have three of those but they never bring it out, never rock it for flicks, but supposedly it’s there.
OiPolloille tullu aiheeseen liittyen myyntiin:


" Ever wondered what Raekwon the Chef would wear when cooking up a bowl of Campbell’s soup on his gas stove halfway up Scafell Pike? Well, we can’t speak for the great man, but we’d like to think it would be something like this jacket made by the safe hands of Ralph Almighty.

Light, but deceptively tough, this will protect more than just ya neck."


Raekwon ja "Snow Beach jacket". Eka kuva Wu-Tangin Can It All Be So Simple -videolta. Rotsista saa maksaa nykyään usemman tuhannen.
Löysin tän.. Upeeta! Fiilistelen RL:ää isosti.

Tässä pari mielestäni "kovaa" tekijää..

88-Keys, huikea "LoHead"! Ostaa kokonaisia mallistoja kerralla ja eikä yhdistele mallistoja.
Goodbye #CountryGentleman. Sad To See You Go. You've Held Me Down Throughout The Fall of '13 & Beyond. See All 75 Pieces of You In About Five Years. Then We Could Completely Sh*t On N*ggas Again... Together. *weeps* #RLP

Julien Landa, tietääkseni Hollantilainen artisti.. Todella kova käyttämään RRL:ää, ja erittäin hyviä kokonaisuuksia!
@julienlanda - http://instagram.com/julienlanda

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