Pancho and Lefty palaa Helsinkiin!


Viime lokakuussa yhteistyössä vintage-sisustusliike Roomagen kanssa järjestetty Pop-Up Store saa jatkoa. Tällä kertaa Pancho and Lefty pystyttää rekkinsä toukokuussa auenneeseen Roomagen ja Cafe Kokon yhteiseen tilaan Kalevankadulla!

Pancho and Lefty:
"Pancho and Lefty is a clothing, accessories, footwear store who aim to introduce, nurture and market new and exciting brands on the European market. Brands that have not before been readily available in these parts. Heritage brands with a long tradition of turning out quality products, catering to discerning customers.

We look for our roots when the fad of what’s new for news sake wears off. Hand made as opposed to made in a factory churning out thousands and thousands each day. Produced locally as opposed to outsourced. Products to be a part of your life for years to come as opposed to something with a shelf life of a season or two.

Brands with history, that tell a story, brands that complement each other, but work well on their own. In short, brands with a past, a present and most definitely a future."

Roomage / Cafe Kokko:
Kalevankatu 31 A 6 (2.kerros)

Perjantai 12.6.2015 klo 12-18
Lauantai 13.6.2015 klo 10-17
Sunnuntai 14.6.2015 klo 12-17


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